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From the beat to the CISO seat!

From the beat to the CISO seat!

It was a pleasure to host Don Cox, CISO of MEDNAX #CISOtalk

Breakdown of episode:

(7:00) Don’s journey into cyber

(13:50) How has your experience given you an edge as a CISO

(17:37) What advantages did you have being a CIO before a CISO

(20:18) What gets your adrenaline pumping in cyber?

(22:28) C.I.S.O. Cyber Incident Scapegoat Officer - How to change that??

(24:32) How to get sales and marketing excited about security?

(26:33) How does compliance impact your security program?

(28:39) Is IoT a threat to the healthcare industry?

(30:39) Where does security in healthcare begin?

(40:30) Auxiliary cybersecurity force

(41:35) How do you manage an insider threat program in healthcare?

(45:44) How do we go from a reactive approach to a proactive approach?

(48:11) How should CISO account for social media?

(57:56) FIRE ROUND!

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