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The BISO Revolution

The BISO Revolution

It was a pleasure to host Patrick Benoit, BISO at CBRE #CISOtalk


Break down of episode:

(3:33) The BISO role

(7:23) Vendor client management in cybersecurity

(10:38) How is the BISO role going to develop?

(13:54) The BISO reporting structure

(16:15) Generating revenue with security

(20:54) Funding the BISO role

(25:41) Addressing consumer behavior in security

(28:00) Biggest bang for increasing posture

(30:00) Do you see the BISO role regional or global?

(32:18) What is the right KPI when measuring the success of a BISO

(34:30) What’s the right stage to bring in a BISO and what companies do the role really fit?

(37:51) What level of experience is ideal for the BISO? (

44:06) Opportunity for early BISO evolution

(46:07) Patrick’s BISO lessons thus far

(48:09) How would you compare the BISO role in aviation?

(51:51) The BISO role is versatile

(54:06) CISO/BISO round table in Dallas, Feb 2020 announcement!

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