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Cyber Data Analytics

Cyber Data Analytics

It was a pleasure to host Kausar Kenning, CISA, PMP #CISOtalk

Breakdown of episode:

(9:20) How Kausar got in to cyber and her progression path

(11:10) Why isn’t fraud in the cyber conversation?

(16:02) How has your data analytics background impacted your cybersecurity role?

(18:26) Does fraud investigation and cyber investigation have the same process?

(20:06) How do you empower data analytics into cybersecurity?

(26:03) Cybersecurity and data management

(27:04) How does data analytics help you migrate into the cloud?

(30:43) How does data analytics address the human factor?

(34:42) How do you evaluate user behavior analytics in cybersecurity?

(37:17) How do you implement behavior analytics in a BYOD policy?

(43:50) What is your approach when building a cyber team?

(51:44) What BUZZWORD would you KILL?

(52:45) What emerging tech are you excited about?

(57:12) Amazing CyberHub Israel delegation testimonial

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