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Exclusive: The 2019 Threat Survey Results are in!

The University of North Georgia and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a state survey on cybersecuri

GBI at Georgia Cyber Center

It was a pleasure to host Steven Foster, Special Agent In Charge at Ga Bureau of Investigation

The Cybersecurity Dean

It was a pleasure to host Dr. Alexander A.

New Cybersecurity Capital Unveiled!

It was a pleasure to host Sarah Rees, Director, Cyber Workforce Academy at Georgia Cyber Center

The Human Error in cybersecurity

Former CIO of Equifax, Graeme Payne joins the show to talk about the human toll behind breaches. 

The Impact of Quantum Computing on Cybersecurity

Christopher Lynberg, Enterprise Innovation and Technology Lead at The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention join

Cyber Operations Tips

In this episode Jason Lawrence, Cybersecurity Operations and DFIR Leader joined the podcast and talked about Security