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The Cyber Wonder Woman

The Cyber Wonder Woman

It was a pleasure to host Christine Vanderpool, CISO of Florida Crystals #CISOtalk

Breakdown of episode:

(6:37) Christine’s journey into cyber

(8:03) What has catapulted you into the role of a CISO?

(9:18) What has been your biggest career hurtle?

(10:45) How are you managing identity access management?

(15:05) Have you found one specific problem in identity access management?

(17:25) How do you manage 3rd party risks?

(19:44) What kind of organizations need a SOC and when do you outsource it?

(25:43) Does the size of an organization matter for a SOC?

(27:13) Will automation impact the dynamics of the SOC?

(31:11) How to succeed with an outsourced SOC

(35:23) Would you off-shore your SOC?

(36:30) What should vendors know about the “cyber as a service” model?

(42:48) Why do CISO’s have commitment issues?

(49:12) Going through budget cuts but maintaining a strong security program

(51:46) How do you effectively communicate with the board?

(54:35) Best practices dealing with complex security decisions

(59:35) What BUZZ WORD would you get rid of??

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