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Daily Cyber Briefing | POS Malware Epidemic

Daily Cyber Briefing | POS Malware Epidemic

We hosted Daniel DeCloss, CEO & President of PlexTrac on the Friday Wrap Up discussing the latest headlines in cybersecurity. #CyberNews

Breakdown of episode:

1. MFA - APTs now doing sim swaps and talking over devices.

2. POS Malware - Why are restaurants and retail are such easy targets.

3. New Years Tips - Coming back to work and best practices

(2:21) Daily Cyber Briefing goes live announcement

(3:00) Phishing during the holidays

(5:08) is MFA the new attack vector

(10:40) Dan’s take on the recent POS malware story

(15:30) Are restaurants and retail more vulnerable to POS malware?

(17:00) The importance of reviewing transactions as a business owner

(19:13) Best practices in cyber hygiene coming back to work post-holidays

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