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The Facts about Faceapp

In this episode we talk about Faceapp and what it really is, GDPR fines and Encryption backdoors for the Government.

Apple, is it really for privacy?

In this episode, James dissects Apple's privacy policy and compares it to other major entities that has access to our

The Global Business of Credit Bureaus

In this episode of The Goodbye Privacy Podcast James goes in to detail about Credit Bureaus, who they are and how the

The YouTube Ban and our Privacy

The controversial YouTube ben and the effect it has on our privacy in this episode of The Goodbye Privacy Podcast.

Data Brokers: How they make money with your information

Data brokers - how they make money, 1 year after GDPR part 2 & The Equifax breach - final cost and what we know.

1 year after GDPR: Is the EU really private?

GDPR is 1 year old! What have we learned? Baltimore Ransomware incident and Eurovision security.

The Microsoft Empire, President Trump's National Emergency and WhatsApp Breach Update


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