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John McAfee

John McAfee discusses McAfee DEX, The Blockchain & Cybersecurity

It was a pleasure to host John McAfee. A lot was covered - Buckle Up! #CISOtalk

Break down of episode:

(2:25) Has the fall of crypto been an orchestrated scheme

(8:30) John McAfee on the blockchain

(11:45) Sastainabily… Lol

(13:55) John McAfee’s new exchange

(17:35) Don’t believe everything you read…

(20:10) “A hackable wallet is not a hack of Blockchain”

(23:30) Don’t give an employee the keys

(24:14) What’s more dangerous than apps?

(25:13) Where do you think PornHub get’s their income?

(26:35) WeTransfer: What the hell is their business model?

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