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Encryption TLS on the DarkNet

David Maimon and James Azar discuss what was found by the Georgia State University research team and what it means fo

Is criminal justice a part of cyber?

David Maimon and James Azar discuss the type of skills that are needed in cybersecurity when applied to criminal just

Cybersecurity risks with drones

Dr Bryson Payne and host James discuss the cybersecurity vulnerabilities with drones.


Cybersecurity skills the industry is looking for


Data Governance Breaking Down the Cost of a Breach

Ken and James discuss how data governance can be used to measure the cost of a breach.

How does data governance relate to the human factor

Ken talks about the different strategies he takes to address the human factor with data governance.

That’s where Data Governance is key

Ken and James discuss the idea of data governance in the CISO role and cybersecurity events.

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