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The Threat Intelligence Leader

The Threat Intelligence Leader

It was a pleasure to host Chris Cochran, Threat Intelligence Leader at Netflix | Purple Team Builder | IR Reservist | Podcast Host | #FollowFriday Instigator | Speaker #CISOtalk

Break down of episode:

(6:00) What does threat intelligence mean for an organization?

(7:00) What are the best ways to implement a threat intel program within your organization?

(8:00) How do you verify the information you are receiving for threat intel?

(9:45) How would you build your ultimate threat intel team?

(13:52) What’s the right career path for threat intel as a civilian?

(17:40) How does the human element play into threat intel?

(18:50) What threats do you see to organizations?

(20:30) How do we change the executive mindset in cyber?

(22:00) How does threat intel pick up on Business Email Compromise (BEC)?

(25:10) How do enterprise business address small business weakness in the supply chain?

(27:15) What technologies are going to improve cybersecurity?

(29:38) How do you tell the difference between ML and AI and which applies more to threat intel?

(30:50) Malware AI is scary!

(33:00) Is antivirus and malware protection still relevant?

(34:48) Can an organization really implement the zero trust model?

(39:57) What buzz word in the cybersecurity industry needs to go?

(42:15) What is your top awareness tip?


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