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The Ultimate Cyber Badass

The Ultimate Cyber Badass

It was a pleasure to host Ken Foster, Head Global Cyber Risk Governance at Fiserv #CISOtalk

Break down of episode:

(7:00) Ken’s takeaways from cybersecurity awareness month?

(17:44) How do we ingrain cyber as part of the normal everyday business discussion?

(22:00) How to expand your career opportunities as a cybersecurity practitioner.

(27:12) Passwords: should they stay or should they go?

(32:54) The cost of cyberwar.

(39:00) What technology in the cyberspace interest you?

(41:52) The ultimate message to cybersecurity professionals.

(43:04) The gap between cyber practitioners and the rest of the organization.

(45:20) Cyber Buzz Word Bingo! The difference between AI & ML.

(50:15) How to not fatigue your people.

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